About MapleNow

I decided to make this website because I was having trouble finding lists of salon and plastic surgery listings that weren't years old or presented in a way that was easy to look through. In the future I hope to devote more time to this website so that it is a page that holds much more information.

Credits - I referred to Gamerbewb's Tumblr for most of my listings and am working on editing them for accuracy. And of course thank you Maple Simulator and its Bannedstory program for helping me make the images on this page.

About the Developer

I'm a web developer that plays on the GMS Reboot and Broa servers. I have been playing Maplestory (on and off) since 2006! If you see me around feel free to say hey!

This website is running simply out of interest for the community, so consider donating through Paypal here to keep this page running.

Active Characters

SailorCookie - Hayato

Retired Characters

Darixard - Shadower

Mantrap - F/P Mage